Parking Kiel Airport

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Parking Kiel Airport

Kiel Airport is a small local airport in Kiel, Germany. It is in the Holtenau district that is 8.3 km north of the city center. It’s approved as a public airfield. It represented 30,528 passengers as of 2006.

The construction of the aerodrome took place in 1914 on a plain area created from material dug as during the development of the Kiel Canal. The Kiel Airport Company, which controlled the Kiel State Airport, was established in 1927. There had been 27 national and foreign destinations during this period. The airport was declared a military airbase in 1937. 

It began operating for nonmilitary flights, like scheduled flights to Braunschweig and Berlin. The length of its runways increased in 1963, and the first terminal building took place in 1965. The terminal began operations for commercial airlines to West Berlin run by Pan Am. The terminal that is still in use today was constructed in 1987. In the same period, Lufthansa started providing daily flights to Frankfurt and then to Cologne / Bonn, Munich, Copenhagen, Kaliningrad, and Riga.

In 1995, the airport had become a commercial airport once more, and in 1997 a new control room was installed, run by commercial staff. It remains, even so, to be used for military uses. A modern hangar was installed in the year 2000. The development of the airport was analyzed the same year. Relying on this analysis, the plans set by the state government of Schleswig-Holstein in March 2002 have included the addition of the runway from 1300 m to 2100 m. 

It would have required jet aircraft to land in Kiel. The Federal Highway B 503 would have crossed the lengthened tunnel runway. Even so, the use of the airport declined in the years that followed because more planned routes were canceled. When the last route was closed on 23 December 2005, the airport’s procedure was stopped until 3 April 2006. On 24 January 2006, the Secretary of State for commerce confirmed that the extension plans no longer were in operation.  

Port parking:

The parking lot at Kiel Regional Airport is approximate. Fifteen minutes away if you travel via shuttle from Cruise Terminal (9 km). The parking lot has a good amount of lighting and has video cameras. Airport Kiel is directly on Federal Highway B503, clearly marked from all angles, and you can reach without disturbing traffic lights.

The Airport Kiel parking lot is a cruise parking lot with no height restrictions for AIDAbella, AIDAcara, AIDAluna, and AIDAprima cruises. The parking lot is only available on certain days.

The Port Parking Shuttle will carry you and your baggage straight from the airport to your car. You can drop your bags on the shuttle bus. The shuttle service for you and your baggage will leave from the bus station at the parking lot from 11 a.m. to the cruise terminal.

As you get back after your ship’s berth, resp. around 8 a.m. The Port car park shuttle bus services are at the terminal’s assigned bus station at the earliest opportunity. The shuttle operates for 3 hours between your terminal and the Kiel Airport cruise parking lot.

When you travel by caravan, please keep in mind: Caravan parking area is accessible in the airport cruise parking lot. Please feel free to contact AIDA for further details or reservation requests.


You can easily find disabled parking options at the airport with designated parking. For more information, you can contact the airport.


A handful of services are available at the airport, such as:

  • Sightseeing
  • Car refueling