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Parking Girona Airport

Girona–Costa Brava Airport is known as the second most important airport in Barcelona, Spain. It can be found right beside the small village of Vilobí d’Onyar in Catalonia, Spain, 13 km southwest of Girona, city center. It is 74 km north from the center of Barcelona, yet works as an alternative airport. The airport is connected to the Costa Brava as well as the Pyrenees. Its importance has increased since the Irish budget airline Ryanair arrived at the airport.

The airport has a two-story terminal building for its passengers. There are 33 check-ins desks that you can find on the ground floor. On the first floor, there are 11 boarding gates for domestic as well as international flights. There are a few shops you can find at the airport for food. However, it is also available in the departure area. 

Airport parking at Girona- Costa Brava Airport

As the airport serves such a more significant number of travelers, the number of parking spaces available at the airport needs to be following that. The airport can have 3,500 cars at a single time. Three buildings act as a car park area for the airport. They are called P1, P2, and the long term area. The staff is there to help and assist anyone who needs it. Maintenance and security is a top priority here. There are surveillance cameras as well as security guards present 24 hours, and insurance coverage. Passengers can use these car parks and go on vacation stress-free. The parking zone is open 24 hours throughout the year.


  • 24 hours – € 10.50.
  • 1 hour up to 3: €6.60
  • Up to 4 hours: €8.80
  • Up to 5 hours: €10.50
  • Up to 6 hours: €10.50

Short-term car park at Girona Airport

There is short term parking at the airport for those passengers that need to park their vehicles for a short stay only. Short Term parking at the airport used to be free, but since the expansion of the parking lot and an increase in its capacity, a small amount is charged. However, it is quite affordable and provides you with parking spaces within close vicinity to the terminal.

P1 parking: 

P1 parking is also known as the Parking general, is the official parking zone for the airport. It is an indoor parking zone in an enclosed building. It has a total of 860 parking spaces and is extremely close to the terminal, only a few meters away on its north. At a walking distance of just 2 minutes. It provides its services with a high clearance zone for travelers with vehicles of more than 2.10 meters in height. P1 has two separate divisions in the building; for payment, there are three machines at the parking lots’ entrance.

P2 parking:

The P2 parking spaces are at a distance of 10 meters from the terminal building. The passengers who use the car park are required to pay for it before they pick up their cars, and then they may leave the parking lot. There are ten cash machines available here; they accept credit cards, euro banknotes, and coins. There are two manual cashier counters as well; you are requested to use those for larger amounts. Once you have paid, you must leave the car park within the next 15 minutes, or you will be charged an extra amount for it.

There are desks present at the P2 parking zone for customers and travelers if anyone needs guidance or help regarding the parking spaces. 

Long-term airport parking GRO Airport

Long term parking is ideal for passengers going for a long trip and need to park their cars. There is proper security in check for long term parking spaces that keep your vehicle safe and secure. It is in a covered space which is guarded 24 hours. If you are a regular customer, you can avail 20 and 40 days deals, which you can then use as per your want throughout the year. These parking spaces are extremely close to the terminal and provide 24 hours of surveillance. The capacity for the long term parking is 200 vehicles. 

Disabled parking at Girona Airport

The public car park is available to travelers who may have any disabilities, reduced mobility (PRM), or injuries. It has parking spots reserved for such customers, and assistance is provided as well. If you need extra guidance, the airport PRM facilities such as lifts as available, and the staff can be alerted to help you out.  The rates for parking are extremely competitive. 


  • 20-minute stay: € 0.30.
  • Maximum per day up to 4 days: €9.05.
  • Maximum per day from the fifth day: €7.25.

It is suggested to book parking spaces online beforehand during busy times of the year or if you are looking for better rates.

Additional airport services

There are many other services and facilities that the airport provides. 

Shuttle Services at Girona Parking 

The staff present at the Girona parking lots provide services from and to the airport’s terminal. The valet services depend on the traveler’s needs. You can book these beforehand; you will receive a confirmation email once you do so, with a contact number you can contact as soon as your flight lands. On contacting the number, you will receive your shuttle service.

Electronic Vehicle Charging

For the convenience of travelers, there are battery chargers available for electric vehicles. You can use these to charge your cars easily. 

Assistance services for passengers 

If you are traveling by the Girona Airport and suffer from reduced mobility of any kind and have special needs, the airport provides its services, help, and guidance. You may request for their services 48 hours before your flight. Or call them at their information desk for more details.

Car valet

The airport parking staff provides its customers with valet services. These include pick up and drop-offs. You may leave your vehicle with the staff members in charge of valet parking, and on your return, they will get your vehicle back from the parking, directly to you. 

Car Wash

The parking staff offers services that include washes and polishing of your vehicle, from the outside as well as inside.