Parking Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport

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Parking Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport

The Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport, commonly referred to as the Granada International Airport, is located in the region of Granada. It serves the region and the city of Granada in all their domestic, international and cargo needs. The airport is used primarily by Granada since it is 15 km west of Granada city while it also serves as an access point for Jaen, which is located 100 km towards the south.

The Granada Airport or GRX receives a fair amount of traffic, recording more than a million passengers going through in the year 2018. It is Notorious for domestic flights, especially to the Andalusia region of Spain, the airport has high flight traffic to and from Europe.

Airport parking Granada Airport

The access to Granada Airport is straightforward, and you have highways like A-92 from Granada, and A-44 from Jaen, readily available to get you straight to your destination without any hassle. The municipalities near Granada, like Santa Fe and Chauchina, also enjoy the benefits of using this international airport and utilize the parking available.

The Granada Airport facilitates all passengers in their long term and short term parking requirements. You do not have to worry about arriving at the airport in your vehicle, as you can easily park it in any of the available parking lots.

There is only one terminal building that hosts all departures and arrivals, and the car park is located right opposite to facilitate the passengers. The proximity of the terminal and the car park means you only need a short one-minute walk to get right to the building entrance, which is the ideal situation for any passenger in a rush.

Drop-Off zone

The area right in front of the airport building is labeled as the drop-off zone, mainly serving those cars planning a brief two to three-minute stay at the airport. The zone is ideal for those merely completing a drop-off and does not intend to stay for long. Under no circumstances are you allowed to leave your car in this area unsupervised, and failure to comply will lead to your car being towed or fined.

Short term parking Granada Airport 

There are several parking spaces at the Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaen airport. Read below to find some short-term parking at the airport: 

Short term P1 parking

The car park located opposite the airport terminal is known as the general car park P1. The parking lot can house up to 845 vehicles at a time, buses, and the airport’s vehicles. The parking lot is an affordable and convenient solution for all passengers looking for a short term parking solution, as the rates start from as low as 0.01 euros per minute. No matter how long you park your car, the parking rate allows you to save money on airport parking and even a whole day of your car being parked won’t be heavy on your pocket.

Even if you were to park your car here for four days, you would have the economical option only to pay 10.95 euros at most! Parking here is a great short term solution for all passengers from neighboring regions, especially since it is secured and monitored with video surveillance.

Long term parking Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen airport

There are several parking spaces at the Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaen airport. Read below to find some long term parking’s at the airport:

Long term P1 parking

The P1 parking lot is outdoor and uncovered, so it is the perfect short term parking option. However, the users are not restricted from using it as a long term parking solution. The feature of the parking is secure and monitored around the clock while giving the passengers a safe feeling as they leave their car for long periods.

The parking lot is affordable even for its long term passengers, as you can park your car for cheap rates for a week, month, or even a few months. Any extra number of days after four will cost you an extra 8.75 euros per day.

The P1 parking zone has the added facility of including electric charging stations in their layout. It is an ideal option for you if you are the owner of an electric car, especially if your car has been parked at the airport for long. In contrast, you do not have to worry about its charge. With this facility, you have all your needs in one place.

A new long term parking lot

For your ease of use, a cheaper and more affordable long term parking solution as compared to the P1 parking lot has been inaugurated by the Granada Airport. The parking is located a little before the main approach to the airport building, and it can hold about 450 cars at a time. The parking rate is 8 euros per day, no matter how long you stay.

The new parking is great for all passengers who are explicitly looking to park their car at the airport for a long time. The parking lot will keep your car secure yet easy on your budget. The new car park is located right next to the petrol station in the primary approach, so you can easily avail of any refilling or servicing facilities before leaving the airport.

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The Granada Airport keeps its customers in mind and has assigned 21 spaces in the P1 Parking lot for all disabled or low mobility passengers, alongside drivers transporting them to the airport. These slots are kept as close as possible to the airport terminal to provide the utmost comfort and ease.


As the new long term parking is located at quite a distance to the airport building, the GRX Airport has provided an airport shuttle service to transport you to and from your vehicle. You do not have to worry about a long walk to get to your car after a long flight or running late for your flight.

Valet service

If you are in a rush to catch your flight, simply leave your car at the trusted valet desk, who will take care of your car after you hand over your keys.


There are several services available at the airport, such as:

  • Autowasstraat 
  • Car refueling