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Parking Almeria Airport

The Almeria Airport, also referred to as the LEI Airport, is an international airport that serves the city of Almeria that is 9 km to the east. The Almeria Airport is in the province of Almeria, which is in the southeastern part of Spain, and it serves other neighboring municipalities in the region as well. The arrivals and departures are all on the main ground floor of the airport, making it easy for navigation as well as an indication of it being a low traffic airport.

Approximately a million passengers traveled through this airport in 2019, with seasonal international flights to Europe. Mainly Air Europa flights operate from this airport to other parts of Spain, alongside a few other European airlines.

The Mediterranean Motorway gives easy access to all passengers to travel to the airport from Almeria city, while they enjoy the beautiful coastal view of Spain.

Airport parking at Almeria Airport

The airport parking is relatively small at this airport. However, it is ideal to compensate for the number of passengers it receives per year, especially those looking for long term parking.

The parking is located within proximity to the terminal to provide the passengers with comfort, especially since it is a smaller airport, so you will not have to walk long distances to reach the airport entrance no matter where you are.

Short term parking Almeria Airport

There are many parking options available at the Almeria Airport. Read below to find the short term options: 

General car park P1 short term

The General Car Park P1 is right next to the airport terminal to provide you with the utmost ease of usage. A few meters walk will take you directly to the terminal entrance without carrying around your luggage across long distances.

The parking can hold 679 cars at one time, and it is an ideal option for all those looking to complete a pick-up or drop off, given the proximity to the terminal entrance. It is also an excellent short term parking solution, whether you are looking to park your car for a few hours or a few days.

Through online booking, you can find economical deals for the parking lot and the facility to book your desired parking slot before arriving at the airport. The feature is especially great for all those who want to be punctual and catch their flight on time.

Long term airport parking Almeria

There are many parking options available at the Almeria Airport. Read below to find the long term options: 

General car park P1 long term

The P1 parking is multi-purpose, as it is the sole official parking at the Almeria Airport. The parking can serve as an optimal long term parking solution, given the enclosed area with covered parking spaces that will protect your car no matter how long it sits idle in the car park.

The parking is secure around the clock via video surveillance, and you will have the surety that you have left your vehicle in trusted hands, and no harm will come to it. The parking also provides charging stations if you have an electric car, and you are looking to charge your car before you leave with it after it has been at the airport for a few days.

Parking Almeria airport

The Parking Almeria Airport is a private parking facility that is only 700 meters away from the airport terminal. The parking is open from 7 am to midnight, giving you almost the whole day to drive in and park your vehicle with comfort. The parking is functional year-round, so you do not have to worry about any seasonal closure.

As private parking, you are provided with the unique feature to insure your vehicle against any damage like fire or theft. Your car will be under around the clock surveillance via security cameras as well as manual protection. The immense measures of safety and security are ideal if you want to leave your car for a long term basis, as you will know, your vehicle is in protection.

There are a total of 120 parking spaces, some are covered, and some are uncovered. Out of these parking spaces, you can take a pick according to your needs, especially if you book a slot before your arrival date. You have the facility to choose your desired space and save time with the online booking option.

You can easily park all kinds of vehicles in this parking lot, alongside the fact that for your ease, you can quickly pay online via credit or debit card. There is fencing across the entire perimeter, and security alarms in place around the clock.

The price is higher than the general car park, but you have to keep in mind that you have many features that the other car park does not yet have.

Bus parking

There is a 23 parking space, bus parking available at the Almeria Airport to facilitate the tour guides, airport transportation, and other public transport. The parking is easily accessible for the passengers and is near the arrivals terminal.

Parkeerplaats voor gehandicapten

The Almeria Airport provides all their reduced mobility passengers with the ease to park as near as possible to the airport terminals. There are specially assigned parking spaces that are readily available for their use. The design of the ramps and infrastructure helps to aid all disabled passengers.


Read below to find the services at the airport: 

Valet service

The valet service is available to pick up or drop off your car at your desired time. The vehicle is quickly taken from the front of the terminal and parked safely till you get back. You can readily pick out whatever time you need your car again.


If the customer leaves their car for a period longer than 25 to 30 days, the vehicle’s exterior is washed free of charge. You also have the option to avail of the car wash service if you require it. The price usually varies from 20-25 euros, depending on how dirty your car is.