Parking EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

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Parking EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg is one of the very few airports to exist in the world that is operated by two countries jointly, France and Switzerland. It is unique in this case as it is located in French as well as Swiss territory. It is an international airport located 3.5 km from Basel’s city in Switzerland, on the northwest side and 20 km from the city of Mulhouse in France, towards the southeast. It is at a distance of only 46 km south-southwest of the city of Freiburg in Germany. However, the headquarters that play an important role in managing and controlling the airport operations are in Blotzheim in France.

The airport has flights to many European countries and holiday trips to leisure and luxurious destinations, mainly. It serves as an important hub for Easyjet Switzerland.

The EuroAirport has a single terminal building. The main area is constructed in the classical brick style. There are levels to the building, 4 to be precise.

To reach the car park area, you will have to use Level 1, the basement. The ground level is the second level that has all the arrival facilities and services. The third level consists of the check-in area, which is further divided into halls 1 to 4. Level four is where the departure gates are located. It consists of gate 1-2, 20-46, 60-61, and 78-87. However, gates 22-32 are being used for non-Schengen flights.

 In regards to Basel, the airport is connected to the A3 motorway. It takes you from Basel, and you cross Zurich leading to the southeast part of Switzerland. 

Parkeren op de luchthaven

The parking zones are divided into two parts, French and Swiss parking areas. The sector you decide to park in will determine the distance from the terminal building and the price being charged.

Drop off and Pick up

Pass passengers can be dropped off outside the main terminal gate, and this is the DEPART/ABFLUG section. However, there is no waiting policy here; it is only to drop off purposes. Hence the drivers are to strictly remain seated in their vehicles. The same rules apply for picking up a passenger or relative from the French sector. Here the signs will read ARRIVEE/ANKUNFT. The limit for not being charged here is 10 minutes. You may use the minute parking if you need to park your car for a few hours.

Korte termijn parkeren

There is a Minute Stop for short term parking purposes. The charge is to be paid using parking meters that are set up in these parking lots. The time period is limited to 2 hours, and every 15 minutes, the motorist will be charged.

There are short term parking zones at F1, F2, and F3 at the Basel Airport’s French sector. It is especially for those motorists who would prefer to go along with the passengers to the departure hall. However, if you wish to park for 4 days or more, you should use F5 or F6 car parks instead.

On the French side, there are services such as Park and Fly in many parking lots that allow 1 to up to 5 days of parking.


F1, F2 and F3 Parking 

F1 is used for short term parking. It has 410 parking spots on the 2nd floor, out of which seven are reserved for the disabled. The car park is covered as it is right beneath the terminal. F2 is right beside F1; it has 350 car spots. F3 is an open car park that has 640 spaces, out of which ten are reserved for the disabled. It allows parking for more than four days too. It is at a distance of just 200 meters from the terminal. For the first-hour at F1, the charges are EUR 3.70. If you park for 1 to 3 hours, they are EUR 6.60. At the same time, 12 to 24 hours costs EUR 16.20. F2 and F3 offer cheaper rates; they only cost EUR 6.00 per day from the 5th day onward.

Langdurig parkeren 

P5 and P6 are used for longer terms. However, P6 is currently under construction. P5 is an open parking lot with 1450 spaces. It is quite near to the terminal, a 5-minute walk.


S1 and S2 are available for parking for a short period of time. S1 is an open parking space with 410 parking spots, and it is right beneath the terminal. There are six spaces reserved for the disabled. S2 is right beside S1 and also an open-air space consisting of 700 spaces. Seven spaces are reserved for the disabled. Art Basel’s Swiss, the long term parking zone, is offered at S3, S4, and S12. S3 is an uncovered parking space and a 10-minute walk from the terminal. It consists of 780 spaces.

S12 can only be accessed if other parking zones are fully occupied. It is only 300 meters away from the terminal and has 240 spaces. For both the French as well as the Swiss sector, if you park for 15 minutes outside the Arrival or departure, it will cost you EUR 1.00.

Disabled parking spaces

If you need extra guidance, you will have to let the airport know beforehand as services are being provided under request. F1, F2, F3, F5, F6, S1, and S2/S5 are all the zones that have reserved parking spaces for the disabled.

Andere diensten

There are many services available near the parking lots. Check out a few of the services below: 


At the airport, there are several ATMs and bureau de change available for money exchange purposes.


At levels 2, 3, and 4 near the parking, there are many bars and places where you can buy snacks and snack bars.


If you are traveling to non-Schengen destinations, there are many duty-free shops available for you. You can find these at the departure parking areas. For international passengers, there are duty-free shops located at the arrivals. There are many goods available, travel accessories, books, magazines, and newspapers.