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Parking Bordeaux Merignac Airport

The Bordeaux-Merignac Airport, or the BOD Airport, is an international airport located in Bordeaux, south-western France. The airport serves as a hub for flights to and from Europe and North Africa. There are a plethora of domestic flights that fly from this airport, mainly via AirFrance. The Bordeaux Airport is the leading international airport serving in Bordeaux and is in Merignac, which is 12 km away from the city center of Bordeaux. The airport saw more than 6 million passengers in the year 2018.

Parkeren op de luchthaven

The main route connecting Bordeaux to the airport is the A630 autoroute, which can get you to the airport within twenty-five minutes by car. The passengers also have a train route available to them to get to the airport within a few minutes, within the ease of comfort. However, no tramway is running to the airport just yet, but it is under work.

Korte termijn parkeren

There are parking options available at the airport. 

Express parking

The Express parking lane is for all those who are only looking to complete a drop-off at the airport and leave. The parking is open from the time of the first arrival to the last departure of the day, so you don’t have to worry about the parking being closed when you visit the airport. Two hundred seven total parking spaces cannot be reserved before your visit and only operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

The parking is right next to the airport terminal, and only a one minute walk away from Hall A and B, making the drop-off process even more comfortable for you. One car can only pass through this express parking a maximum of three times per day, after which you will be charged EUR 10 plus the hourly rate.

P0 parking zone

The P0 is an optimal parking solution since it is only a minute away from the airport terminal and gives you easy access while dropping off or picking up the passengers. The parking is the closest option if you wish to access Hall A at the Bordeaux Airport. The parking has a total of five levels, out of which three of them are covered parking spaces.

The parking has 340 spaces available and is a short walk away from all the terminals at the airport. To make your life easy, the airport gives you the option to book your ideal parking space before and save time on the day of your flight. The charges at this parking start from EUR 27 for twelve hours.

P1 parking zone

Like the parking spaces mentioned above, P1 parking is no different, and it is placed near the airport terminals. The parking is only a two-minute walk away from Hall A, B, and the billing terminal. You can book the parking spaces online, and they start at EUR 23 for twelve hours. The parking has 369 spaces available, which are outdoor and can give you easy access to the airport.

Langdurig parkeren

There are parking options available at the airport. Read below to find the long term parking options below:

P0 parking zone

The P0 is a dual purpose zone that can be used for long term parking as well. The covered parking spaces on three of the parking levels are an excellent feature for anyone looking to leave their car parked for a long while. The parking also provides you with specific deals depending on the period and month you are booking a space.

P1 parking zone

The P1 parking zone is a multipurpose parking lot, which you can use as a long-term option. It is preferred as a long term parking since it has fencing around the whole periphery and strict video surveillance, so you know that your car will be in good hands while you are away. The parking also provides good deals for long term parking, for example, a three day weekend will cost you EUR 28 and four day weekend will cost you EUR 36.

For your ease, if you have previously booked a parking space, the entrance barrier will scan your number plate and open without any hassle, further saving you time. The parking also has covered walkways leading to the terminal.

P2 parking zone

The parking lot is at a three-minute walk from the terminal entrance and provides you a high ease of comfort to reach inside the airport within due time after parking your car. The car park is ideal for an outdoor car parking solution for the weekend or a few days, with the rates starting from EUR 28 for three days. There are a total of 3,006 parking spots available for you to choose from or book online to save time.

The parking is located right in front of Hall A and B, so you will be sure not to miss your flight. Additionally, there are covered walkways for your comfort and an electronic number plate reading system, which will automatically detect your online booking and open the barrier at the gate automatically. Like the P1 parking space, this zone is also protected via fencing, and they can monitor it around the clock through video and manual surveillance.

P4 parking zone

The P4 parking is specially designed for the people looking to park their cars for a longer duration. The outdoor car park has 3,424 spaces at your disposal and a five-minute ride via the airport shuttle service, which will drop you at the terminal entrance. You can easily book the parking spaces online, and you can find many economical rates for your desired period. A three day weekend away has a starting cost of EUR 26 and goes on depending on how many days you select.

Motorbike parking

The motorbike parking has a sheltered space that can park 184 bikes with ease. For your ease, the location of the bike parking is also right next to the airport terminal, and you only need to walk for a minute to reach the entrance. You cannot book the parking online, but you can avail yourself of free parking for the first fifteen minutes.

Parkeerplaats voor gehandicapten

The Bordeaux Airport facilitates all passengers with reduced mobility and dedicates a certain number of parking slots in each parking zone. The express parking has five spots available; the P0 parking has 2, while the P2 parking has 25, and the P4 has ten spots. These places are kept as near the terminal as possible to assist the passenger fully. Additionally, designated passages have been provided with assistance from the staff to help out these passengers further.


Read below to find the service available at the airport: 


The airport provides the electric cars with charging stations at two parking lots, the P1 and P2 zones. P1 parking has 20 charging points, while the P2 parking has eight charging stations, which help make your life easier if you need a quick charging fix at the airport.