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Parking Santander Airport

Officially known as Seve Ballesteros–Santander Airport. In 2015, it was named after the Spanish legend of golf, Mr. Seve Ballesteros. It operates as an international airport on the south side of the city of Santander, Spain. It is also the only airport there is in Cantabria. In 1995 the airport handled 18000 passengers, but the number rapidly increased, as in the year of 2018, the airport served 1,103,353 passengers and 11,258 flights. It handles external flights as well that are outside the zone of Schengen. The airport has about eight counters for check-ins, then in the arrivals hall, you will find three carousels and five gates for boarding. Santander Airport has 1 terminal for its passengers.

The port of Santander is located between the Santander airport and the city. The cities of Bilbao on the east side and the city of Gijón on the west side can be easily accessed due to the connected motorways that are at a close distance from the airport. If you need to get to the airport’s facilities by road access, there is a way from the S-10 highway at exit 3, from here you can take the road called N-636 and reach your destination. In the city center, there is Santander’s official bus station; here, you can find the bus lines and travel through them. The bus stops at other routes too, these routes lead to other towns in northern Spain and are connected to Santander.

Seven airlines are operating at the Luchthaven van Santander airport, these fly to and from Santander. They are the following:

  • Wizz Air
  • Vueling
  • Volotea
  • Ryanair
  • Iberia Regional
  • Iberia
  • Binter Canarias

Parcheggio dell'aeroporto

Santander Airport has many services and facilities for its passengers; these include parking facilities as well. There are 740 parking spaces in the Santander airport, to facilitate cars. The parking zones are open at all hours of the day. Throughout these 24 hours, there is staff and management around to help passengers out. There is security present, too, to make sure your vehicles remain safe and secure. The rates are also quite cheap and pocket friendly. The rates are as follows:


  • 60 minutes € 1.54
  • One day € 9.70
  • Two days € 19.40
  • Three days € 29.10
  • One week € 62.20
  • Two weeks € 116.80
  • Three weeks € 171.40

Short term parking options: 

Passengers that are going for short trips and need to use the parking lot for their cars can do so. The average cost for parking from 1-4 days is 9.05 per day. You can online book these spots as well, as per your convenience.

Long term parking options: 

Passengers that are taking long trips or vacationing and want a place to park their cars for these long periods without any stress can park at the Santander airport parking lot; not only is it safe but offers a good price for the long duration. The rate is as follows:

From the 5thonwards it is 3.60 per day

P1 public car park

The P1 car park spaces are right opposite to the terminal building; passengers do not need to walk long distances to get to the terminal as it is very nearby. Making it easier for customers to access these spaces without any extra burden. If you book these spots beforehand, you are guaranteed good deals, with competitive pricing and affordable rates. The airport parking is the best choice passengers can make when they want to go for vacations or business meetings and need a safe car park.

Pickups and drop-offs

Not only does the Santander parking lot offer car parks, but you can pick up passengers or drop them off, without parking. If you are dropping off or picking up a loved one, you can easily do so, as this option is free of cost. There is enough time for passengers to load or unload their luggage and other items at this time.

Disabled parking

There are spaces reserved for those passengers that have any form of disabilities, illnesses, or reduced mobility. You can easily identify these spaces as they are either marked, or a sign is attached in front of them. There are a total of 17 parking spaces reserved for such passengers. There is a parking lot of staff to help you out. However, it is recommended to bring your disability parking permit and avoid any confusion or conflict. If you need extra guidance or assistance, you are requested to contact the airport 48 hours before your flight departure.

Other services

Santander airport offers many other services and facilities for its customers, such as:

Valet (Pickup at the terminal)

There are valet parking services provided to passengers at the airport. It is the most convenient method to park your car as it is easy to do but quite fast. All you have to do is drive to the terminal, hand your car to the valet driver, and the driver will take your car and park it for you in the airport’s car park. On your return, you can contact the driver, and the driver will get your vehicle directly back to you. The valet method is safe, and you do not need to worry about your vehicle as there are surveillance cameras and security personnel on duty.


Shuttle services

It is the cheapest option as 5-15 minutes of transfer is free of cost. It is also an extremely comfortable method as you can park your car at the airport’s car park, then the free shuttle service will take you to the terminal building. When you get back, it will take you to the parking lot from the terminal. You can contact the services beforehand to communicate the time of your departure or when you will be acquiring their services.


The parking lot staff provides car washes as well. You can get your car washed, externally as well as internally. These services include cleaning as well as polishing. They make sure to do a good job and have high customer satisfaction.

Disabled Services

The airport management wants its services to be easily accessible to all its customers. They assist PRM and disabled passengers. Please alert the airport staff before your flight. To get more information on this you can contact the airport’s information desk.