Parking Vigo Peinador Airport

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Parking Vigo Peinador Airport

The Vigo Airport, abbreviated to VGO Airport, is 10 km east from the city center of Vigo and 28 km from Pontevedra, the Pontevedra Province.  The airport serves the city of Vigo as well as the nearby municipalities of Redondela and Mos. Vigo Airport is in the Galicia-North Portugal Euro region; hence, it gives it the unique feature of giving passengers direct access to North Portugal or Galicia via the auto way. The airport mainly serves Air Europa flights and other domestic flights to Barcelona, Madrid, etcetera.

The airport is directly connected with the train lines and bus system, so you can easily use public transport to get to the airport. Similarly, you have the option to travel via car or taxi via the auto way as well. The well connected public transport helps the passenger to navigate their way quickly to the airport, without encountering much traffic and hassle.

Airport Parking Vigo Airport

The traffic that Vigo Airport receives is relatively less than other airports in Spain, given its status as a small, domestic airport. In line with the low traffic at the airport, the parking is enough to compensate for the small number of passengers that come by.

The parking layout at the airport is straightforward and spreads between two areas. The parking is as close to the airport terminal as possible since the VGO Airport is small in size itself. The proximity of the parking area to the terminal entrance is ideal for all passengers since none of them have to walk long distances to reach their destination.

The passengers can use the parking as either short or long term, depending on the dates and duration they chose to park their car. All passengers can find their space within the confines of the same parking area.

Short term car parking at Vigo Airport

There are several parking options at the Vigo airport. Read below to find the short term options: 

Express car parking

The Express Car park is adjacent to the terminal, and it gives the passenger immediate access to the terminal. As the name suggests, the express parking caters to all those drivers who will be making a quick stop at the airport to pick-up or drop-off passengers.

The quick serving purpose and the ideal location closest to the terminal makes it easy for you to get out of your car and walk straight into the entrance without any fuss. The parking is free for all customers, if you park your vehicle under fifteen-minutes. However, after you cross that mark, you will be charged according to the parking rates.

The express parking also serves as an option for people looking for short term parking, since it is in an optimal position, and most passengers prefer it. You can easily park your car here for a few hours, or even days.  The amount you will have to pay in the end will be according to your parking ticket that keeps a full record of when you entered and when you are exiting.

The express parking only accommodates 30 cars at once, so it is a clear indication of the size and business of the Vigo Airport.

General car park P1

The General Car Park P1 accommodates 2,279 cars at a time and serves as short-term and long-term parking. The car park is located next to the passenger terminal so that you do not have to walk long to get to the airport entrance. You merely have to take your luggage and carry it a few meters, and you will be inside the airport.

The proximity of the car park to the terminal makes it an excellent option for short term parking, even if you merely have to pick up or drop off a passenger. Coming down the Atlantic Highway, you only have to follow the signs leading to the Vigo Airport, and upon reaching the entrance, you will have visible signs leading you right into the General Car Park.

The parking is reasonably economical at this parking, and you will be paying ten euros per day, depending on how many days you park your car here.

Long term airport parking Vigo Airport

The parking is open around the clock all seven days of the week, so you can drive in and leave your vehicle with ease, at any given time. The feature is great for all customers looking for long term parking as you will not have to worry about fixing a date or time beforehand. However, for your convenience, you are provided with the option to pre-book your car parking slot.

If you choose to book a long term parking slot online, you will receive a plethora of deals to accommodate your stay at the airport, and you will have enough variety to choose from according to your requirements.

Additionally, the parking is under 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, so you do not have to worry about your car as you go away on long trips. The long term parking at the Vigo Airport is also used by passengers in the neighboring municipalities, as it gives them a safe and affordable parking option.

Disabled parking

The Vigo Airport has allocated a certain number of slots for passengers with reduced mobility or the drivers that are transporting them to the airport. They have been kept as close to the terminal entrance as possible to facilitate these passengers.

Valet service

In case you choose to, you can quickly leave your keys with a parking facility who will find a spot for your car and safely look after it till the desired time you want it back. You will find your car waiting for you once you land back at the airport.

Services at VGO Airport

The car parks at the airport have some of the best services, such as:

  • Valet parking 
  • Car wash 
  • Car refueling