Parking Frankfurt am Main Airport

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Parking Frankfurt am Main Airport

Frankfurt am Main Airport parking

Being Germany’s fifth largest city and one of the world’s top industrial areas, Frankfurt has an important and busy international airport; Frankfurt is Main Airport. The Fraport runs it and, like Lufthansa Cityline and Lufthansa Cargo and Condor and AeroLogic, runs as Lufthansa’s main airport.  

Short term Frankfurt am Main airport parking

Below is a summarized guide to the various short term parking options at the airport:

Business parking at terminal 1

The business parking spaces at Frankfurt may be taken as full benefit due to their comfortable, reliable entry and suitable and convenient route to check-in. It is most ideal for people frequently flying and having busy schedules, casually boarding flights for work. The massive parking areas and their mobility can be taken full advantage of.

Getting to business parking – P4

To reach the underground garage, and gain access to it, you can go through the A3 or A5 motorway or B43 motorway and follow their signs to Terminal 1 and further use P4 car entry or the actual business parking to reach this destination. This divided, assigned area has 221 to 224 rows. For yourself to immediately access a parking row, you can book a business parking spot online. To verify your booking, you need to follow the guidelines. 

Gas-powered vehicles Frankfurt airport parking

You cannot park your vehicles that run on LPG in the Business Parking. However, vehicles which run on petrol may also be parked anywhere at the airport.

Premium parking Frankfurt am Main

Parking spaces that are reserved and booked for convenience and ease and to save time are premium Parking spaces.

Man with luggage at Frankfurt airport parking

For travelers who fly due to business or strictly due to business purposes seem to have the premium parking as the choice well suited for them. Immediately, you can park your car at the Frankfurt airport to your extra-wide car park. It provides immediate access to Terminal 1 and the easiest, most convenient and fastest way to check-in to the flights which should be taken full advantage of.

Efficiency for the entire fleet at Frankfurt airport parking

You have free access to your parking spots only and solely by using this transferable parking card allotted to you at the time of booking or parking. All in all, this means that the airport has specifically differentiated car parks for business passengers and corporations in the specified areas of Terminal 1 and 2.

Long term Frankfurt airport parking

To assist yourself in parking for a longer time, find suitable parking areas below:  

Frankfurt airport parking holiday parking

Only through advance online booking can you be able to park your car at the Frankfurt Airport Parking Holiday Parking.

Advice for your travel time at Frankfurt Airport Parking

For yourself to be on the safe side, you should enjoy ample additional time to park your car and walk to the terminal. It can be done if you reach a minimum of 2-3 hours before takeoff time. Your airline can tell you more about it. Furthermore, the shuttle service travels for half an hour from the car parks to the terminals and runs every 30 minutes.

Getting to holiday parking 

Make sure to follow signs and directions to the airport via the A3 or A5 motorway. Switch up onto the B43 motorway and exit at “Cargo Center/Tor 21-23.” Turn right towards the “Airport Circle” path and follow the signs to “Tor 31.” Turn left to “Tor 31” and jump off the door. Look closely and follow the signals after turning right twice. Now, the car park must be on the left side.

Terminal Frankfurt airport parking

To provide quick and easy access to checking in, there are 15000 parking spaces at the Frankfurt Airport, allowing you to conveniently drive your car to the parking. Park it safely and leave for your destination to enjoy your trip.

Getting to terminal 1 at Frankfurt airport

Using the B43 motorway or A3 and A5 motorways, follow up with the signs,” Terminal 1.” Furthermore, use the P2 or P3 motorways that provide entry to Terminal Parking.


Getting to terminal 2 at Frankfurt airport

To access the underground garage via the P8 or P9 entrance, follow the signs, “Terminal 2” through the A3 and A5 motorways or the B43 motorways.


Gas-powered vehicles Frankfurt airport parking

Gas-powered cars may be parked by you anywhere at the airport. LPG run cars, however, cannot be parked in Terminal Parking. They can only be parked at the Holiday Parking instead.


Disabled parking area Frankfurt airport parking

You can use Terminal 1 (drop-off area P39) and Terminal 2 (short-term parking lot P19) to park for up to 3 hours without spending money on parking in front and to get in or out or load or unload your bags. You must place a special parking pass or your Severely Disabled ID card (‘G’ or’ aG’) in your vehicle window or on the dashboard where it is clear for validation. Since all of the parking spots on the airports do not have spots and arrangements for handicapped persons, these guidelines are essential.


Services at Frankfurt Airport parking

The variety of services provided at the Frankfurt Airport are as stated below:  

Charge station sign Frankfurt airport parking

People who travel in electric cars or their clients may as well recharge their cars for free. However, they can not only park at Frankfurt Airport at the same time.

Electric car charging spots 

  • Terminal 1 – Entrance P4, parking row 126 (23 x Typ 2 á 11kW)
  • Terminal 2 – Entrance P8, parking row U423 (16 x Typ 2 á 11kW)
  • Further charging options without booking:
  • Terminal 1 – Terminal Parking, Entrance P2, Level 14 – parking row 1406 (16 x Typ 2 a 3,7 kW)
  • Terminal 2 – Terminal Parking, Entrance P9, Level U3 – parking row U323 (7 x Typ 2 á 3,7kW)