Parking Allgau Memmingen Airport

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Parking Allgau Memmingen Airport

Parking Allgäu Memmingen Airport

Memmingerberg international Airport is The Memmingen Airport, which is also known as Allgäu Airport Memmingen. The Airport is at a distance of 3.8km from the city center and about 110km from the countries capital, Munich. 

The international Memmingen Airport is equally popular with those who travel for work or business-related reasons and tourists. Business travelers appreciate the proximity to Memmingen’s commercial center, while tourists are happy with how cost-effective they are.

Due to Memmingen being a cheaper option in regards to price compared to the Munich airport, people tend to prefer traveling by it. It is a smaller airport than the other two commercial airports in the state, which are Munich Airport and Nuremberg Airport. Regardless of the size, it still manages to have the highest altitude of any commercial airport in Germany. 

Memmingen Airport’s passenger traffic has increased quite a lot in the past few years, which has resulted in a direct increase in the demand for parking space due to high car traffic. We recommend that travelers and tourists reserve a parking spot to avoid facing issues last minute. Booking a parking space beforehand eliminates the hassle of looking for a car park and carrying your luggage for miles on your arrival. 

The parking spaces are limited and fill out quickly, especially during holiday seasons. From about 365 days up to just 6 hours before arriving at the Airport, bookings can be placed. However, we advise you to check for availability beforehand. 

Long term parking Allgäu Memmingen airport

Right in front of the terminal, you will see a sign that says P1 parking zone. You can park your car here. Although to make it easier, The Memmingen Airport has allotted three parking zones for this purpose. The distance by foot from the terminal to the long term parking areas is 4-6 minutes. You can find the parking lots below:

P2 parking Allgäu Memmingen airport: 

To reach the P2 Parking zone from the terminal, the distance by foot is 4 minutes. The charges for the parking increase per day, till 15 days, which is the limit for their long term parking services. However, the charges for a single day are 28€. When placing your bookings, you can do so online as well. For the convenience of the travelers, the Airport provides valet services for which there are separate charges. 

The process for this is as follows, on the day of your departure, there will be easily identifiable airport staff available to whom you can give your car keys to, they will then park your car in your parking space for you while you directly head in, to check-in. 

The airport staff will be ready to welcome you at the terminal and hand your car over to you, the day you arrive. To eliminate any security concerns you may have, you have the choice to use the car park safe available where you can keep your car keys. There are high safety measures taken to ensure security through CCTV’s. However, this isn’t a closed space, similar to the other parking lots.

P3 parking Allgäu Memmingen airport: 

The P3 Parking zone presents you with the lowest price out of all other long-term options. IT allows travelers to take advantage of these affordable rates and book their car spots for; however, many days they prefer. Regardless of the starting price for a day being as low as 26€, the security remains a high priority with the same measures taken here as in any other parking zone. 

On the other hand, it has the largest distance from the terminal than other zones of 6 minutes on foot. Due to the unavailability of commute services, you will have to walk from the P3 long term parking lot to the airport terminal.

P4 parking Allgäu Memmingen airport:  

All long-term parking zones have been structured the same way but have different levels of convenience and nearness to the terminal hence differing prices. Making the P4 Parking lot, 29€ a day. It is The highest-priced parking zone. If you are at the airport driveway, P4 is quite easily reachable, and from the terminal, it is at a distance of 5-minutes by foot.

Short term parking Allgäu Memmingen airport

Memmingen Airport parking options are not limited to long-term only. The short term parking zone options are listed below:

P1 kiss & fly parking Allgäu Memmingen airport: 

This P1 Premium parking zone rules give the passengers time to load and unload their luggage within 10 minutes. It saves time as well as space, without holding on to a spot for too long and getting the transfer done quickly, which is also the reason behind it being called the “Kiss and Fly” parking zone. In cases of a pick-up or drop-off, this is the ideal choice. You can find this parking lot nearby to the terminal on the airport P1.

 If, due to any reasons you exceed the time limit, you will then be charged a fee. As followed, 3€ for 30 minutes, which can increase up to 5€ for 60 minutes. You can park in the P1 for up to 15 days as well, although the long-term parking options will be a better alternative due to them being more feasible, money-wise.

You can use P1’s driveway to get to the parking zone. The management team at the Airport had made it possible for customers to online book these spots from 365 days up to 6 hours before you arrived at your convenience. There are offers and discounts available for those to avail that Pre-book and make reservations beforehand.

Parking Allgäu Memmingen airport for disabled:

There are not any complete zones reserved for those with disabilities. However, the Airport has appointed parking spots in all of their parking zones for travelers with disabilities, marked through easily readable labels.

Parking Allgäu Memmingen airport services

The Airport provides its passengers with many services. The services can be found below:

Charging stations for electric cars:

Memmingen Airport recognizes that travelers with electric cars might face some issues. Hence to make their visit smoother and more comfortable, the Airport is introducing charging stations for such customers. Coming soon.